Inspiring a new generation of resilient leaders

Our CPD accredited ‘train the trainer’ programmes connect educators, youth development facilitators and others to the Routes to Resilience content, working with them to apply its lens and make it relevant to their students whatever the entry point.

The Sygnature Award

Awaken consciousness, nurture confidence and encourage intentional citizenship action

Who it’s for: Young people (13 to 25 years old)

Description: The Sygnature Award consists of three components: Knowledge & Skills, Experience, and Action for Impact. These core components are designed to build upon one another.

Our Sygnature Skills component is a programme of around 80 hours that takes the form of interactive workshops, immersive outdoor learning journeys, online seminars, mentorship and dialogue sessions that give access to thought leaders from across the globe.

The programme seeks to support young people to fulfil their potential as environmentally literate and capable citizens and changemakers, growing young leadership in sustainability practice.

Resilient Futures

Unlocking resilient talent to create sustainable futures

Who it’s for: Young Adults

Description: Routes to Resilience created the Resilient Futures programme to equip young adults and early career professionals with the skills and competencies that will enable them to discover both what they are passionate about and how to identify and excel at careers within which they can lead and drive sustainable change and transformation. 

The programme empowers young adults to put sustainability at the heart of their life and work decisions. It readies them for their future lives and livelihoods, developing the strategies and competencies they need to be resilient, agile and adaptable to the nature and speed of emerging change in the context of the world of work.

Who can benefit from our programmes

The Routes to Resilience programmes are tailored toward three groups, each of which play a key role in creating a more sustainable future.

Young People

Empowering young adults and adolescents with the knowledge, skills and action-related strategies they need to become the compassionate, sustainable leaders of tomorrow.

Young Professionals

Enabling workers to drive sustainable excellence within their businesses and build purpose-led teams that foster sustainability and resilience.

Educators & Youth Development Trainers

Helping teachers and lecturers develop a sustainability mindset and integrate sustainability principles into their classroom practice and curriculum content.

What your students will walk away with…

No matter which programme you integrate, your students will walk away: 

  • With a secure knowledge of sustainability principles
  • Excited about their purpose and potential to drive change
  • Confident in their personal leadership capacity
  • Inspired to take action and drive positive impact

How our programmes are designed

Our programmes feature engaging, inspiring, and interactive seminars, real-world experiences and encounters with nature. This combination of theory with real-world application provides participants with opportunities for mastering strategies for action. We apply Otto Scharmer’s U-theory, taking participants on a journey from awareness to problem-solving and action.

Learning through real-world encounters

Based on a head (think), heart (feel), hand (do) model, our programmes are founded on place-based eco pedagogy.

This means that students have the opportunity to learn through encounters with nature, community, culture and history.

These guided experiences resonate and build knowledge of how we are interconnected, interdependent and intertwined with the non-human elements of our world. 

Students are able to see themselves as part of a larger whole. And as a result, develop a deep understanding of the global context and a perspective on your place within it. This life-changing reflection equips them with the desire, knowledge and tools to make informed and sustainable, life and career choices.