22 March 2019 | Author: Elle Gray

Understanding sustainability may seem difficult to begin with so we have put together our top ten resources for introducing and exploring the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) to give you a head start. What are the SDGs you ask? These are the goals that have been put together in 2015 buy the United Nations (as an extension of the Millennium Development Goals) to be achieved by 2030. Have a look, be inspired and get lost in the wormholes of resources that are out there but first, try starting with the 10 listed below.

1 – Visual Support for Teaching SDG’s

Each SDG explained visually in simple terms making it easy for students and teachers to understand what each goal really means.



2 – Seven Ideas To Bring the Global Goals to Your School

Poster for broad, basic ways of integrating the SDGs into the classroom/school community.



3 – Education for Sustainable Development Goals Learning Objectives

Cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioural learning objectives for each goal clearly outlined with topic links.



4 – SDG Education Pack

A great way to introduce the SDGs in your classroom as a start-up exercise. SDG Poster included.



5 – We Love The SDGs Song

Song Lyrics to We Love The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Great for students who are musically motivated.


6 – Design For Change Lesson Plan

One idea: One week. A lesson plan from World’s Largest Lesson enabling teachers to introduce design for change in their classrooms.


7 – World’s Largest Lesson Website

From Comic books to posters, multi-subject lesson plans and beyond this website is a one-stop shop for finding FREE invaluable resources.


8 – Teach SDG’s Website

A collection of useful resources with clear links to the Sustainable Development Goals.




9 – Comics Uniting Nations Website

A partnership of UNICEF, PCI Media, World’s Largest Lesson, PVBLIC Foundation and Reading with Pictures, to make the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to the citizens of the world through comics.


10 – Games for the SDGs

A collection of interactive games for classrooms to play to further understand the Sustainable Development Goals. Put together by a school after a year of plating SDG games.


Now that you’ve had a sneak peek at some of the resources available do you feel like your understanding of sustainability is a bit clearer? What resource did you find helped the most? Leave us a comment in the comments section below so we can continue to provide the content you need. Happy sustainable living 🙂

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