Imagine, explore and take action for a sustainable future.



15 – 25 Years


School Curriculum / Extra-Curricular Programme


Systems thinking & sustainability intelligence


10 months – 1 year


Learning Journey Certificate

Certificate in Sygnature Sustainability Skills

Certificate of Sustainability Intelligence in Service Action

About the programme

This is a unique programme designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to think, lead and live sustainably. You will gain a thorough understanding of sustainability principles, complexity theory and systems-thinking, and will have the opportunity to put your knowledge into action through meaningful and transformative social action projects. 

Practical application

Students are given ample opportunity to put theory into practice with hands-on group work and place-based experiential learning journeys incorporated throughout the programme. Not only does this develop their ability to sense and problem-solve real-world issues, but it also encourages students to take action and implement practical solutions to sustainability challenges in their communities.

Personal development

Personal and leadership development is a central focus of the Sygnature Programme. Core development areas include self-awareness, resilience and grit, and how to respond effectively at an individual, community and societal level.

Four Key Components of the Programme

A Learning Journey

The progamme commences with a 3-day exploration that introduces participants to systems and complexity theory through a place-based immersion.  

Concepts covered include:

  • The interconnectedness of the natural, social and economic systems
  • How feedback loops direct and signal challenges
  • How nature learns to adapt

A skills development programme

Students learn the principles of sustainability, complexity theory and systems thinking. Subject knowledge is presented from a range of disciplines, building appreciation for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Students also complete a 10-week programme in strategic intelligence, developing the ability to identify, analyse and synthesise emerging future developments, and make decisions of strategic importance using scenario planning.

A social action service programme

During the programme, students are supported and mentored to develop their ideas into social action projects that address a sustainability challenge in their schools or communities. Social action projects can continue beyond the end of the programme, and ideally, students will identify a passionate purpose and initiate action that has sustainability of its own.

Programme Reflection

Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their experience of the programme and how it has contributed to their personal growth. They are encouraged to form part of an alumni group of connected leaders promoting sustainability practices in their lives.

Next Programme Dates

March 2019 – Western Cape, South Africa
October 2019 – South-East England

I liked the actual facts, learning about the science of it and about ways we can create sustainable ways of living. ... I definitely benefited from learning more scientific concepts and understanding terms and getting a deeper knowledge.


The outings taught me how you can make a difference even if you don't have a lot of money. I enjoyed the creativity of solutions.


What I enjoyed about the debates was the fact that we were given our side .... I was given the opposite point of view to what I believed. It was a challenge backing up an opinion I did not agree with but at the same time it opened my eyes to why someone would have that point of view.


The next most significant thing was the speakers and when Mike Freedman came to speak about purpose and talent and it inspired me. It was great to have the opportunity to hear from such great people and that they were able to share their insight and knowledge with us.


By taking this course it made me realise that it’s not someone else’s problem because we are the someone else to someone else. There is no “them”, there is only us.


The social action taught me about working together. It taught me that if an impactful leader believes in something, it is almost certain that their followers will believe it too. Leadership is critical for impact. I also learned about flexibility: the ability to change your opinion after understanding the context of another person's opinion to come up with a solution that is relatable to context.