Develop your leadership skills and take a deep dive into systems thinking, increasing your sustainability intelligence with our learning journeys.



15 – 25 Years | Educators


A place-based immersion programme in Sustainability Intelligence (SusQ) and Leadership in Action


Sustainability intelligence & Leadership in action


3-Day Learning Journey – Introduction to Systems Thinking

6-Day Learning Journey- Advanced Programme in Sustainability Thinking & Practice

About the programme

From the grass plains of Kenya to the biodiverse coastal ecology at the southern tip of Africa, our residential immersion programmes use the power of place and context to fast-track learning by exposing you to real-world examples of sustainability leadership in action.

The programme combines real-life examples with seminars, conversations, and debates with leading thinkers in the field, learning journeys within different communities and contexts and Fame-Lab style pop-up talks to create a powerful learning experience.

The programme covers a variety of topics related to complexity theory, systems thinking, strategic intelligence and sustainability principles and practices.

Participants not only walk away feeling confident to lead sustainably but are also supported in conceptualising how to put their knowledge into action and start social action projects in their classrooms, communities or homes.

Why You Should Attend


Discover the interconnected nature and complexity of our environmental, social and economic systems and how these impact on the global challenges we face today.


Learn key concepts in sustainability, sustainable development, complexity and systems thinking.


Develop strategic intelligence and scenario planning skills to drive positive change and build a resilient future.


Deepen your ability to think critically, communicate clearly, innovate, creatively problem solve, be open to change and challenge, and collaborate.


Future–proof your life and career decisions by building resilience and the adaptability to respond to a rapidly changing emerging future.

Next Programme Dates

April 2019 – Safari Collection, Kenya

(6-day immersion)

August 2019 – Grootbos, South Africa

(6-day immersion)


Often learning concepts is difficult but if it can be shown practically it is very helpful and this is exactly what Grootbos provided.


I could really clearly understand and see what is going on in our environment ....learning about the interconnections in a system, that a system is not always linear.


Everything they wanted to teach us was around us and we got a better understanding with our surrounding.