Education has extraordinary power to influence the next generation for good.

– We Believe –

 that sustainability challenges are embedded in local contexts, communities and ecologies.

 the power of place is an important learning tool and that a deep immersion in the history, nature and culture of a community provides a compelling experience within which a deep understanding of our relational world can be gained.

 today’s youth want to be active and resilient global citizens; citizens with an awareness of the complexity and interconnectedness of the human and natural systems.

the pace of global change continues to accelerate beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches to education and that there is an increasing disconnect between what skills exist, what skills are being offered in education, and what skills are needed in the world of work.

it is more crucial now than ever to future fit life and career choices with an education that helps develop their sustainability intelligence and ecological consciousness, enabling them to respond to meaningfully to a rapidly changing future.

sustainability and leadership are not separate terms and that youth who are encouraged to develop their sustainability intelligence in practice are likely to benefit from a more ecologically holistic perspective of what a sustainable life, leader and world looks and feels like.

  that sustainability leadership encourages:

  • global social and environmental consciousness
  • systemic thinking
  • integrated literacies
  • active citizenry
  • resilience in a rapidly changing emerging future

Why we work with Educators & Youth

We believe education has extraordinary power to influence the direction of the next generation and so we work with young adults and educators to give them the earliest opportunity to develop the kind of sustainability that will enable them to respond meaningfully to global environmental change.